Czech Republic prepares for potential cyber attacks on elections

  • Roman Šulc
  • 18.7.2017 13:58

On 10 July, the CTK agency, referring to a report in Respekt journal, informed that the Czech Republic is preparing for possible Russian efforts to influence the results of upcoming elections. The US pre-election scenario has alarmed the domestic intelligence community whose representatives are part of a special, circa ten-member group within the Interior Ministry, which was newly formed to protect the elections. As opposed to the US, where electronic voting is used, Czech elections are less vulnerable to cyber related threats. The potential risk, however, is the transfer of the voting data from electoral commissions to the Czech Statistical Office for further processing. The above-mentioned team has already found several weaknesses in the system, which are being removed.

Aside from the attacks on computers in polling stations, hacking of individual elected representatives is another big risk. In this context, potential cyber-actions against the rivals of current Czech president Milos Zeman are expected, following the pattern of cyberspace attacks against competitors of other politicians perceived as pro-Kremlin, such as Marine Le Pen or Donald Trump.

About author: Roman Šulc


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