Czech NSA is to integrate private sector experts in national cyberspace protection

  • Roman Šulc
  • 24.3.2017 09:39

On March 17 news portal informed that the Czech National Security Authority (NSA) intends to establish a team of 10 cyber experts from the private sector, who would protect networks in banks, power plants and other critical infrastructure institutions from serious hacker attacks.

Due to the fact that the government sector can't compete with salaries in the private sphere, the specialists will work as volunteers and receive other benefits, including access to non-public information about cyber incidents and the participation in exclusive cyber exercises. The members of the so-called cyber league should meet certain security requirements as security clearance, non-disclosure agreement, and approval by other cyber security experts. The team will enrich the government sector with new knowledge and practice and is expected to raise public awareness and participate at security conferences. The initiative is inspired by efforts in countries like Estonia and Lithuania that already have similar teams. The concept is popular both with politicians and army representatives, who are considering building a similar cyber unit in the Czech army's active reserve.

About author: Roman Šulc


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