Czech Ministry of Defence was recommended American helicopters UH-1Y

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 27.3.2017 16:07

A special joint expert committee of the Czech Military and Ministry of Defence recommended helicopters UH-1Y Venom, built by American manufacturer Bell Helicopter, as the most suitable option in the ongoing tender for a multi-purpose helicopter. The recommendation, initially reported on 22 March, was confirmed by deputy chairman of Parliamentary Committee on Defence Bohuslav Chalupa.

The UH-1Y Venom was chosen despite the fact that with the cost half a billion euros for 12 helicopters it was the most expensive offer of the tender. However, the Army has only 222 million euros available for the acquisition; how it would acquire the remaining funds is yet unclear. It is assumed that the offer for the UH-1Y helicopters is a complete package that includes spare parts and training for operating personnel, which was confirmed by Bell in 2015 when the company offered the aircraft for the first time. The maintenance would be provided by LOM Praha in the Czech Republic. One of the biggest advantages of the helicopters is that they have been tested in fighting conditions; other factors include low maintenance cost and the availability of spare parts. The helicopters would have a broad range of usage in the army, including direct air support of the ground forces and personnel transport. They could be used both in foreign missions and rescue and search operations in the Czech Republic.

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