Disputes accompany selection of new Czech military helicopters

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 7.1.2018 14:38

According to information from 5 January, proceedings of the commission for the purchase of new utility helicopters for the Czech army were accompanied by disputes between the commission's head and one of its members, who described the chair as biased in favour of the US offer. The member of the commission was dismissed shortly after.

The subsequent complaint by now a former member of the commission is currently being examined by the Defence Ministry's Armaments and Acquisitions deputy Daniel Kostoval. The US crafts are priced at around €492 million, with the equipment only including M240 machine guns. For comparison, the Italian offer, priced at about €273 million, includes both machine guns and missiles, as well as an anti-freeze system. The new Defence Minister Karla Slechtova also has reservations about the contract and called the Chief of Staff Josef Becvar to reconfirm the need for the helicopters' purchase. She has also previously announced that she does not intend to sign any large contracts until the new government gains confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. Slechtova also visited Slovakia on Friday, where she and her counterpart Peter Gajdos signed the implementing agreement for the Treaty on Mutual Airspace Protection.

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