Czech Army to acquire additional CASA aircraft

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 27.5.2017 09:18

The Czech Ministry of Defence plans to buy two additional CASA C-295 military transport aircraft for up to €90 million. The tender documentation is currently being prepared and the passing process of the contract will probably begin on July.

The Czech Armed Forces currently operate four CASA aircraft, however, their 2009 acquisition was accompanied by overpricing issues and objections about technical flaws of the contract. In comparison with similar Spartan aircraft, CASA has lower transport capacity along with some problematic dimensions for carrying standardised NATO containers. The Spartan is also better suited to carry vehicles. Moreover, the passive defence capability did not pass the army's trials on several attempts in 2013. The Czech MoD, along with other V4 countries, aims to realise several major defence acquisitions as it is in the process of acquiring 12 utility helicopters or modernising a self-propelled artillery howitzers. Despite these efforts, the MoD is currently unable to effectively spend allocated finances, thus the pledged goal of spending 1.4 % GDP on defence by 2020 is rather unrealistic.

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