Czech Army plans to modernize artillery and surface-to-air systems

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 15.7.2017 17:22

On 10 July, Czech defence minister Martin Stropnický informed the cabinet about the plan to modernise the DANA self-propelled artillery by 2020 and to acquire 17 new vehicles for nearly 49 million EUR, as well as new surface-to-air missile systems.

The Czech ministry is in a difficult position since the DANA self-propelled howitzers, despite their modernisation, are quite an obsolete platform, provide insufficient capabilities and there are not enough funds to acquire the originally planned 50 modern howitzers which meet the NATO standards for the amount of 383 million EUR. Although DANA will obtain a new engine and fire control system, it still will not meet the performance of modern guns, such as the German PzH 2000. The army will also acquire the RBS-70NG mobile surface-to-air missile systems from Swedish Saab by 2020 and has the advantage of previous experience with the older RBS-70 version. Moreover, the 15th Engineer Regiment at Bechyně recently obtained new equipment, which included parts for TALON robots, EOD suits or night vision goggles, through the U.S. programme Security Assistance 1206. The 15th Engineers already received EOD equipment for more than 1 million EUR through another Foreign Military Assistance programme. 

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