Czech Army plans to continue participating in foreign missions

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 10.10.2017 14:52

According to Czech Defence Minister Martin Stropnicky, the Czech Army intends to continue the established trend of participating in foreign missions in 2018, with the number of soldiers not significantly changing. On Thursday 4 October, Stropnicky also announced the plans to send approximately 300 soldiers to Iraq next year.

The main missions Czech troops are currently taking part in are Afghanistan and Mali. The 8th Guard Company securing the Afghan Bagram airport received a NATO medal for its service at the beginning of October and is currently being replaced by the 9th Guard Company. The Czech contingent in Mali was already replaced in mid-September. The international command of the two missions appreciated the Czech soldiers' exemplary service, including their intervention in the terrorist attack on a hotel complex in Mali in June this year. In both Afghanistan and Mali, the Czech Army plans to maintain its participation in similar numbers next year. The planned deployment of troops to Iraq must first be approved by the government and parliament, with Czech military medical personnel enjoying the most interest. However, according to Stropnický, it is not certain whether the Army will have sufficient capacity to send them. The Czech Republic is also expected to send about 300 Army members to the Baltic as part of the so-called NATO Enhanced Forward Presence.

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