Czech and US defence ministers discuss budgets and acquisitions

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 6.5.2017 15:52

Czech minister of defence Martin Stropnicky pledged to raise the resort’s expenditures to 1,4 % GDP until 2020 during his meeting with his US counterpart James Mattis in Pentagon on 2 May. Both ministers also discussed an ongoing tender for utility helicopters.

The meeting in Pentagon opened Stropnicky's official visit to the US, during which he will be attending an international security conference co-organized by NATO in Norfolk. Stropnicky stated that besides the pledge to fulfil the 2020 goal, the Czech Republic is able to meet the final required threshold of 2% GDP in 2025. He and Mattis both agreed that raising the defence budget must be systematic and the effective allocation of finances must be prioritised to maximise the development of the Czech Armed Forces’ capabilities. One of the discussed topics was also the ongoing Czech selection procedure for 12 helicopters, where one of the final candidates is a US company, Bell, with its battle-tested UH-1Y Venom. If Bell wins this tender, it would create around 500 new jobs in Texas and could be an inspiration for other European states to sign similar contracts with the US.

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