Germany worries about Bosnian Islamist threat

  • Martin Macq
  • 30.11.2017 07:19

According to report released by the Berliner Zeitung daily newspaper on Tuesday on 28 November the Bundesnachrichtendienst, the German Intelligence Agency, has growing concerns about the Islamist threat coming from the Balkans, specifically from Bosnia-Herzegovina. The country is perceived by some EU officials to have strong radicalisation potential due to its position on a migration route and its important Muslim community.

Around 900 foreign fighters coming from the Balkans have gone to fight alongside the IS. Nearly 300 of them come from Bosnia-Herzegovina, making the country one of the main sources of IS fighters. Bosnia's challenge thus is to manage jihadists returning from the battlefield, the number of which is so far estimated around 50, in order to stem the spread of Islamist radicalisation within its population. Yet, people found guilty of terrorism are often given short sentences, which constitutes a serious threat to Bosnia and the whole region. However, Bosnian officials say that the context is changing thanks to prevention and investigation programs such as the recent Strategy for Prevention and Fight against Violent Extremism and Terrorism or another EU-financed plan targeting convicts. The prevention strategies are primarily targeting youths, showing that Bosnian government wants to fight its radicalisation problem at the core.

About author: Martin Macq


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