China and East Asia

ESJ Insight: On Chinese Foreign Influence with Dr. Rogier Creemers

ESJ Insight brings you an insider’s perspective on current security issues. Join us to discover…

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Outbreak of coronavirus cyberattacks

At the time of the pandemic, the cyber threat landscape is still inhabited by the same malicious…

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'Mask diplomacy': China is using medical equipment as a tool of soft power

China appears to be using medical equipment and expertise as a tool of soft power. Although it is…

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Coronavirus Conspiracies Abound

As COVID-19 spreads, so does disinformation about the virus. The mingling of state-sponsored…

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Italian Dangerous Gamble: The Belt and Road Initiative and Growing Chinese Influence

Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to Italy marked an important shift in Rome’s policy towards…

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Private Interests above National Ones: the Czech Huawei Affair

While Western countries increasingly worry about the alleged espionage conducted by the Chinese…

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