British Police reinforces its capabilities in reaction to terrorism

According to the information from 4 May, the British government plans to invest £114 million in training and equipment of additional 1000 armed police officers. The recent terrorist attacks in Europe are the main reason for this step, as well as increasingly louder comments about poor technical readiness of the British police.

Until now, long firearms were only available for specialized police units and the number of these units with very high readiness was quite low. This created a potential risk of downtime between the initial attack and effective elimination of the threat. After the Paris attacks in November 2015, the number of armed police units rapidly increased, and now, due to the terrorist incidents in the UK, it was decided another reinforcement of these units is necessary. The MP5 submachine guns, which are quite obsolete nowadays, are being replaced by more modern SIG Sauer MCX and SIG516 carbines. New BMW X5 Armed Response Vehicles (ARV) are going to be equipped by these firearms and will serve as mobile armouries.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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