Britain to create new military counter-terrorist unit

On 4 June, British Ministry of Defence has announced it is planning to establish a new military unit specialized in counter-terrorism operations. This unit is going to be placed in the organisational structure of the Royal Air Force (RAF) and its purpose will be to protect domestic airports.

The official name of the unit has not yet been revealed, however it will be composed of currently serving RAF members. According to the Wing Commander of the RAF Special Operations Iain Wilkinson, the creation of the unit has been considered either under the Parachute Regiment or the Royal Marines Corps, but in the end the RAF was chosen due to its universal capabilities, which meet the specific needs of the unit. Britain’s major military counter-terrorist units are currently the Army’s 22nd SAS Regiment, the Navy's M Squadron SBS and the Special Forces Support Group. Due to the increasing number of terrorist attacks in Britain and the airports often being used as transport hub by the terrorists, the creation of such unit is a logical step to increase capabilities to fight this threat.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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