Britain agrees with establishment of military unit for EU missions

  • Redakce ESJ
  • 6.6.2017 15:12

British representatives, according to the report from Tuesday, 30 May, decided to withdraw their objections to the establishment of the EU's joint military planning and conduct capability (MPCC). The member states should confirm this decision with their signatures on 8 June.

The reason for the British disapproval was, in particular, the name "operational headquarters", which supposedly did not correspond with the planned MPCC concept. However, some experts claimed the British objections to be purely politically motivated and related to the upcoming general elections. The MPCC will take the form of a 30-member unit based in Brussels, which will be in charge of the planning and realisation of the EU's military training missions in Somalia, Mali and the Central African Republic. In the future, the unit will also manage EU's other non-executive military missions. This step is regarded as the initial stage of the establishment of a larger joint EU military headquarters which was, aside from the UK, originally also opposed by Poland. One of the other steps of the EU's military integration is the creation of a joint military defence fund, which was approved a few days ago. Nevertheless, these two steps are only a small part of the effort to make the EU military cooperation more effective, and the establishment of a common European army is still nowhere in sight.

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