Britain is home to 25,000 Islamist extremists, 3000 worrying MI5

  • Tomáš Krajňák
  • 5.9.2017 17:55

EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove warned on 31 August that Britain is home to 25,000 Islamist extremists, which is the highest known figure in Europe. Of these, 3,000 are worrying to the MI5, and 500 of those are under constant and special attention.

De Kerchove thus confirmed numbers which appeared in the media after the Manchester suicide bombing in May. The revelation that the bomber had been a former subject of interest to the MI5 introduced a strong debate over competencies of intelligence agencies. British Security Minister Ben Wallace said that the hardest part is to convert intelligence into evidence if they actually want to restrict people's freedom or take certain steps. British society is nowadays vigilant more than ever, as shown by the increase in the number of referrals about possible extremism since Manchester and London attacks. However, as a reaction to the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Europol called for closer cooperation in the fight against terrorism, which is in a confrontation with Brexit. De Kerchove further warned before more IS attacks and cyber-attacks on nuclear power stations or air traffic control systems, potentially by Russian hackers. He also said that more than 50,000 Islamist radicals might live in Europe.

About author: Tomáš Krajňák


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