At White House, Baltics double down on partnership with US

On 3 April, US President Donald Trump has hosted the three leader of the Baltic states who came to Washington to mark the centenary anniversary of their independence and discuss their partnership with the US.

Trump used this occasion to underscore his NATO commitment, as the four leaders signed a declaration in which US pledges to continue the periodic deployment of troops in the Baltics, and the president encouraged EU states to follow the example of Lithuania, who last year begun buying American LNG to reduce its dependence on Russia. He praised the Baltic States for fulfilling their 2% military spending commitment, and urged other NATO members to follow their lead. For the Baltics, the meeting was an occasion to act as one in further cultivating their relationship with the US whom they described as their „most important ally”. They reaffirmed their trust in President Trump, whose leadership they touted as the right approach to exert „pressure and leverage” on adversaries, but also on allies reluctant to fulfill their obligations. Similar reasoning was employed by Polish and Romanian presidents when touching upon these issues during previous bilateral meetings with Trump, though this approach contrasts sharply with the language used by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, who urged EU states to resist American calls to augment their defence spending.

About author: Mihai Turcanu


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