Where the EU Missteps, Russia Benefits – Who Gains from EU Mistakes in the Western Balkans

The historic challenges facing the EU-Western Balkans relationship have been thoroughly well…

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Balkan Media Scene and Russian Influence

Regardless of the post-war Western investments into the democratisation of the media, much of the…

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Macedonia has agreed on a new name, but the future will be decided by an unpredictable Greek vote

The Macedonian parliament agreed on a new name following the deal between Greece and Macedonia,…

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The Bear never sleeps: The Position of the Serbian-Russian Humanitarian Centre in Niš

In an attempt to prevent a potential humanitarian crisis threatening its population, Serbia has…

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Serbian Guns Have Consequences for The Balkans and Beyond

Serbia’s military industry build-up brings money and has the potential to reshape the country's…

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Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue and the Russian Factor: Opportunity for Cheap Points

In the Balkans, negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina were initially successful through the so…

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Russia, North Kosovo and Kosovo Serbs: What are the connections?

The position of Kosovo Serbs is an often overlooked factor in the Serbia-Kosovo dispute. Decisions…

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The Reluctant West is Needed in the Balkans

With undemocratic powers hustling for influence in the Western Balkans, the region needs EU and US…

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Russia uses the Serbia-Kosovo dispute to assert its influence in the Western Balkans

The Balkans is often overlooked by the West, which provides a space for Russia to spread its…

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