Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama proposes union with Kosovo

  • Liis Einstein
  • 26.4.2017 09:15

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated on 18 April that a union between Albania and Kosovo is a possible alternative if there is no perspective for Balkans to join the EU. Serbia considers the union a threat to regional stability and warns of a new Balkan war.

Albanian opposition has already blocked reforms necessary to continue with the EU accession. The Albanian Parliament failed to elect a new president on 19 April, the vote took place without casting a ballot as Rama, representing Socialists, decided not to present a candidate in the first round of voting. The government promotes dialogue but the opposition has been boycotting the government since mid-February and calls for fair elections. Kosovo, who hopes to join NATO and the EU, considers the union unlikely although the largest opposition party wants to hold a referendum about forming a union with Albania. Relations between Serbia and Kosovo remain tense due to recent disputes between countriesThe region's stability is a priority for the EU and also a prerequisite for proceeding with the accession. 

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