Albanian PM Edi Rama hints on union designs with Kosovo

  • Mihajlo Kopanja
  • 20.2.2018 18:16

On 18 February, during a celebration in Pristina dedicated to the ten years anniversary of Kosovo's independence, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that Albania and Kosovo should adopt a joint foreign and security policy, and proposed that these two states have a single president "as a symbol of national unity."

Although this is not the first time Albania hints on union with Kosovo plans, it is the first time Tirana unveils specific designs on how such a union would be brought about. The statement caused an uproar in Serbia who perceives it as proof that Tirana is indeed pursuing a “Greater Albania” goal. With the EU currently divided over Western Balkan integration, Rama`s proposal puts additional strain on both Pristina`s, and Belgrad's European integration paths by giving Serbia additional arguments against recognising Kosovo's independence, and further distrust for the EU-sponsored dialogue with Pristina. Albanian irredentism could fuel tensions in other Balkan states such as Bosnia and Herzegovina or Macedonia by serving as an example for aspirations of Serbs, Croats and Albanians wishing to secede from these two countries. Meanwhile, Russia continues to build its influence in the region.

About author: Mihajlo Kopanja


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