Afghan Army lost 140 men in wake of Taliban attack

A group of Taliban fighters assaulted the Afghan National Army (ANA) base near Mazar-e Sharif on 21 April, the initial attack and subsequent firefight lasted for five hours and more than 140 Afghani soldiers were killed.

The attackers, disguised as ANA soldiers, used the element of surprise and breached into the base using vehicles, and opened fire when most of the garrison was praying or having a free time period. According to experts, this indicates flaws in the readiness of the local security forces, who are, in the long term, unable to hold the territory under the government’s control. Subsequently, the locals started protesting with the aim to force the government to step down as it cannot guarantee security in the country. However, even though the US dropped the MOAB on a base used by the Islamic state (IS), this attack proves that the Taliban remains the main threat and most influential non-state actor in the country. Moreover, anonymous US officials recently informed about Russia’s possible role as a supplier of weapons for Taliban.

About author: Redakce ESJ


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