Around 360 dangerous Islamists currently reside in Germany

According to a report published on 18 December by the German federal police, around 720 Islamic radicals regarded as a security risk currently reside in Germany, with half of them being identified as “highly dangerous” by security forces. New analytical system called RADAR-iTE, developed by the police in cooperation with forensic psychologists, has been used to identify the high-risk individuals.

The key difference to other methods designed to determine radicals is that RADAR-iTE focuses on the suspects’ social background and “observable behaviour” rather than ideology or religious habits. The final list thus also includes individuals whose Islamist ideology is not significant in their lives, but are nonetheless highly aggressive. Furthermore, the final count includes women and children returning from battlegrounds formerly controlled by the so-called Islamic State (IS). According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution's president, Hans-Georg Maassen, these individuals have undergone indoctrination by the IS extremist ideology and therefore inevitably constitute a security threat. On 17 December, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière emphasised the thorough work of the country’s security forces, adding that in cooperation with foreign services they have managed to thwart three terrorist attacks since last December’s attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

About author: Tomáš Hošek


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